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Key Strengths


F ABR customer advantage 1

•ABR is a technology management company offering quality refurbished batteries.

•An ABR battery management programme will effectively de-risk the users’ business: batteries will be removed from service before they begin to fail, refurbished and returned to service with the capability to continue to offer uninterrupted service with reduced downtime.

•ABR is committed to understanding its clients business and to ensuring that any critical applications suffer the least amount of disruption.


S ABR Key strength 2

•ABR fully guarantee their refurbished batteries and ABR refurbished batteries carry a warranty equal to or better than the original manufacturer’s warranty.

•ABR’s commitment to customer service is underwritten by a thorough understanding of battery technology.


T ABR Key strength 3

•ABR Battery Refurbishment is environmentally beneficial in that scrapping of used batteries can be deferred until absolutely necessary; consequently, any adverse effects on raised global warming, acid rain creation and emissions of greenhouse gas are eliminated.


G ABR customer advantage 2

•ABR Battery Refurbishment programme offers both a very attractive cost saving over the replacement cost of new batteries and lifetime cost savings benefitting from less frequent unscheduled maintenance typical of original batteries as they reach the end of their working life.