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K-Tec engineering

K-Tec Engineering are the recommended battery regeneration company in USS, the largest used car auction company in Japan. They are recipients of the prestigious innovative business management recognition award from Chiba prefecture, are recognized as an innovational technology company by an international research organization and have recently been awarded the title, “Environmental Economist” by an […]

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Post 2

“On August of 1998, GSM Company began a test of a product called Battery Equaliser. This is a liquid additive that when put into lead acid batteries will increase operating time and extend the life of the battery. The forklift used by the IMA supply section was used for the test. The fork lift was […]

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Post 1

“Here is a picture of my really old electric forklift (Lansing Bagnall). The batteries were becoming less able to hold charge and didn’t provide a good discharge time. After refurbishment with Battery Equaliser the fully charged voltage went up and the usable amp hours increased. This has saved me thousands of dollars in early replacement […]

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