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Australian Batteries Refurbishment operate a specialist Facility in Malaga, where they refurbish spent Lead Acid Batteries that are commonly used as a power source in light and heavy vehicles, boats, in electric powered carts and in power backup direct current supply systems.

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This Battery Refurbishment process involves the careful inspection, testing and charging techniques to reverse the battery chemistry after discharge back to the original materials hence regenerating the specified capacity and design performance of the battery. The refurbishment process depends upon the use of a patented liquid additive product brand “Battery Equaliser”. This product essentially raises the electrical conductivity of the degenerated electrolyte that consequently enables the battery to receive the charge current and achieve full reversal of the chemical reaction caused by battery discharge through the load.

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Battery Refurbishment is environmentally beneficial in that scrapping of used batteries can be deferred until absolutely necessary. The energy required for the recycling manufacture of all new battery replacements is not expended and so consequent emissions of greenhouse gas are completely avoided. Carbon Dioxide is not released from the lead smelting process and sulphur dioxide is not emitted from the acid manufacture eliminating raised global warming and acid rain creation.